The Children’s Welfare Charitable Trust Celebrates United Nations’ International Youth Day

The Children’s Welfare Charitable Trust (TCWCT), a Vadodara based 80G non-governmental organization, celebrated United Nations’ International Youth Day on Saturday, 12 August 2017 by holding a “Children’s Carnival for Building Peace” for below poverty-line children in the slum area of Gajrawadi, Vadodara.  

In coordination with the Vadodara Municipal Corporation and the World Bank-financed Integrated Child Development Services Anganwadi, over 100 participants from the disadvantaged socioeconomic section participated along with their families.  This year’s theme, “Youth Building Peace” resonates with TCWCT’s community-based approach to early childhood education in which children, youth and parents are engaged to work for positive social change.  This requires that the rising generation have the necessary leadership, communication and problem solving skills for productive lives as parents, professionals and citizens.

“Today, on International Youth Day, we celebrate the potential and power of young people to shape the future of our increasingly interconnected world,” said Jugal Thakkar, Program Director for Education.  He continued by saying, “With over half of the global population under the age of 30, young generations will find the solutions to some of our toughest global challenges.”

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