Stock a Medical Clinic

Help save children’s lives by opening or stocking a health clinic. Your gift will open or renovate a health...

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Medical Clinic for Vulnerable Children

Increasingly, families are migrating to large cities in search of food and work. These poverty-stricken slums...

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Lifesaving Medicines and Supplies

Each year more than 9 million children die from preventable illnesses before their fifth birthday. Often, all...

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New Mother and Baby Kit

You can help new moms in countries around the world by giving them the supplies they need to care for their...

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Mosquito Net

Malaria is one of the deadliest diseases impacting poor children around the world. The disease kills more than...

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Malaria and Malnutrition

Two of the world’s biggest child killers — malaria and malnutrition — often work hand-in-hand. A child who...

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