Rio+20 and The Future We Want

The largest event in United Nations History, the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development, brought together representatives of governments across the globe as well as representatives of civil society, including TCPI policy advocates, to adopt an agenda for sustainable development.

Concluding at the end of June, the conference adopted a resolution, a 53-page document entitled “The Future We Want,” incorporating priorities identified by TCPI’s policy advocacy program. The document reaffirms key principles enshrined in the Rio Declaration of 1992 defining the right to development and underscoring the importance of a global partnership to address environmental concerns while supporting an agenda to eradicate extreme poverty.

The document portends to enhance the accountability of international programs through a process to formulate internationally adopted Sustainable Development Goals. Mirroring the Millennium Development Goals the framework for humanitarian relief in least developed nations, the Sustainable Development Goals will be debated and adopted by the UN General Assembly later this year. TCPI policy advocates will actively contribute to the debate, pushing for well-defined goals that balance the economic, social and environmental priorities of the developing world as the international community undertakes the important work of creating a sustainable future.