TCPI Scholarship Awards

TCPI Scholarship Awards

TCPI Announces Scholarship Awards

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Austin, TX—September 14, 2011— The Children’s Project International (TCPI) announced today the newest recipients of its scholarship awards. The scholarships represent an essential aspect of TCPI’s Orphan, Vulnerable Children and Urban Slum Relief (OVCUSR) Program, which seeks to break the cycle of poverty by empowering the next generation. By providing material support to humanitarian organizations with a track record of leadership and rewarding the determination of promising young people, TCPI champions individuals and institutions with the capacity to continue delivering benefits for years to come. Through its India-based affiliate, The Children’s Welfare Charitable Trust, TCPI applies these principles through charitable works and scholarships supporting the education of young Indians.

Among last year’s scholarship recipients, 15-year old Vishnubhai Machi, best represents the promise of resilient youth and their capacity to overcome harsh conditions when given the right tools. The son of a poor laborer and a maid, economic limitations were a constant worry for young Vishnubhai. “Sometimes I feel bad,” he said, reflecting on his mother’s physically demanding job cleaning the homes of better off Indians, “but if they do not work, how can I go to school?” After receiving a TCPI scholarship, Vishnubhai was freed to focus more on his goal of becoming an engineer. With youthful enthusiasm he offered, “Today I can spend more time studying. Math and science are my favorite subjects.” In recognition of his hard work and determination, TCPI has renewed his scholarship for another year.

If Vishnubhai Machi represents hope for the future, Parth and Ruta Bhatt exemplify the gritty reality too many children face. Abandoned by their mother, their father in prison, their childhood was cut short at an early age. When asked what he would do with a scholarship, Parth, a young first grader, responded with simple determination, “I just want to finish my high school,” no small feat with the challenges he faces. His sister, Ruta, reflecting upon the importance of education in her life expressed her determination to become a teacher and raise up a new generation. TCPI has vowed to help her fulfill her dreams by supporting her and her brother’s education.

TCPI also announced scholarship aid for a promising individual whose hard work has brought him near the end of his education. 20-year old Chirayu Shotriya grew up in the poverty of Karnataka state and worked hard to get himself through college. Now as he nears completion of his civil engineer degree, TCPI has awarded him aid to allow him to focus on his studies and graduate and get to work at building a better India. Siblings Priyanka, 16, and Harsh, 17, have demonstrated the same determination and need as their brother and will also receive a TCPI scholarship.

“TCPI takes great pride in the success of our scholarship recipients,” said Raj Luhar, Chief Executive Officer of TCPI, “Vishnubhai Machi shows what a child can accomplish when unshackled from the burden and worries of poverty. Through The Children’s Welfare Trust scholarship, we look forward to unleashing the talents of many more children of tomorrow.”

About The Children’s Project International
The Children’s Project International undertakes charitable activities dedicated to improving the lives of the world’s children by providing life-sustaining goods and personally enriching tools. By leveraging the social consciousness of today’s youth, TCPI seeks to work with existing organizations which share in TCPI’s goals to provide underprivileged and disenfranchised children with material relief and the belief in a better tomorrow. TCPI is led by a Board of Directors of outstanding national figures representing all sectors of the globe.

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