Helping Handicapped Girls

Helping Handicapped Girls

TCPI Provides Assistance for Handicapped Girls

Contact: Omar Tungekar
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Austin, TX—May 9, 2011— The Children’s Project International (TCPI) takes great pride in announcing a joint initiative with its partner Manthan Apang Kanya Seva Sankul to support the education of the young physically or mentally challenged girls who call Manthan home. TCPI has long advanced the idea that every child deserves a quality education regardless of gender, social status or economic background. The teachers, staff and caregivers of Manthan Apang Kanya Seva Sankul Hajipur in Ghandinagar district of Gujarat, India also share that belief and have gone one step further to ensure that no student is denied an education due to physical, social or financial handicap. By providing financial support for the education of Manthan’s residents, TCPI reiterates its commitment to the success of its partner and the physically, socially and economically weaker section of Gujarat, India.

Manthan plays a unique role in Gujarat, India, supporting physically and mentally-challenged girls who come from throughout the region for quality medical care, education and spiritual support. “Manthan is a truly inspiring organization and we are proud to work with them by providing educational facilities for their residents,” said Raj Luhar, Chief Executive Officer of The Children’s Project International. He continued, saying “Manthan has undertaken a great mission to give their students the confidence and brilliance to succeed beyond the seeming limitations life has imposed upon them. We are inspired by the courage and ambition of the girls of Manthan, many of whom are orphaned or physically handicapped.”

Shri. Nirmala C. Raval, managing trustee of Manthan conveyed her organization’s sentiments by saying, “We are extremely grateful to have a partner like The Children’s Project International. Their support for our students’ education will truly make a difference in their lives.” Together TCPI and Manthan continue to develop plans to deepen their partnership and provide a vital service changing lives.

About the Manthan Apang Kanya Seva Sankul

Manthan Apang Kanya Seva Sankul is a multi-faceted organization, a home away from house; created to care for and meet with the needs of physically, mentally, socially and spiritually challenged girls who are deprived of the family love.  The main goal of Manthan, amongst many, is to provide such physical and/or mentally challenged girls the opportunity to acquire education, self-respect and development themselves in a nurturing environment.

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About The Children’s Project International

The Children’s Project International undertakes charitable activities dedicated to improving the lives of the world’s children by providing life-sustaining goods and personally enriching tools. By leveraging the social consciousness of today’s youth, TCPI works to provide underprivileged and disenfranchised children with material relief and the belief in a better tomorrow.

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