Kenyan Children

Kenyan Children

TCPI Pledges to Help Kenyan Children

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Contact: Ryan Steed
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Austin, TX—June 2, 2010— Adding to a growing list of global partners, The Children’s Project International (TCPI) announced its newest partnership as part of its Orphan, Vulnerable Children, and Urban Slum Relief (OVCUSR) 2010 Program Plan. In sponsoring the work of the Daos Children’s Centre, TCPI seeks to improve the lives of the vulnerable children who live on the sidelines of Mombasa, Kenya by providing support for educational programs, essential supplies and medical care.

As an inaugural partner of the Daos Children’s Centre, TCPI is making critical support available to foster growth of the program which seeks to provide for 500 vulnerable children displaced by endemic poverty, HIV/AIDS and, more recently, the post-election violence which has claimed the lives of over a thousand Kenyans and displaced hundreds of thousands more. “Kenyan society faces a number of challenges right now,” said Raj Luhar, Founder and CEO of TCPI. “Against the backdrop of political strife, the problems of child exploitation, illiteracy and malnutrition are daunting, but by providing for the needs of Kenya’s weakest, the Daos Children’s Centre is ensuring that no one under its care will succumb to this strife.”

About The Children’s Project International

The Children’s Project International undertakes charitable activities dedicated to improving the lives of the world’s children by providing life-sustaining goods and personally enriching tools. By leveraging the social consciousness of today’s youth, TCPI seeks to work with existing organizations which share in TCPI’s goals to provide underprivileged and disenfranchised children with material relief and the belief in a better tomorrow.

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